Selargius, Cagliari 2017

The school is a public building and as such it must convey civic sense; as argued Loris Malaguzzi “The environment is the third teacher”, space and form are the first educational moment .

The project guidelines are:

1 pedagogical objectives to be reached through a teaching structured in thematic ateliers, organized around an “agora”, the main place of exchange and relationship, free play and development of psychomotricity;

2 close relationship between school and external environment: a botanical garden open to the community and included in the teaching program of education in health, nutrition and respect for the environment.

The same ideal matrix, a soil crammed by drought, originates the design of the building and the botanical garden: as the paths make their way between large thematic beds (forest and Mediterranean scrub, succulent, aromatic and medicinal plants and a flowery meadow with hives), so the school environments; the “agorà”, the central core is the fulcrum between the internal spaces and the outdoor areas, passage between the inside and the outside, space for interconnection and expansion of ateliers.

The architectural and technological design and the choice of materials are also part of the educational project, addressing the issues of local availability (bricks of raw earth or “làdiri”, cork, natural reed), environmental quality and well-being in the spaces (orientation, insulation, natural ventilation), maximum energy efficiency (solar, photovoltaic, micro wind systems, water reuse and phytodepuration).

Such a broad pedagogical project, oriented to the full development of personality and active and responsible citizenship, in a school-garden system, open by vocation to the city, in a territory characterized by the flourishing voluntary and cultural associations, is strengthened in the forecast strategies of “shared actions” with children, teachers, families and local institutions, so that the strength of networking on the territory becomes the real engine for innovative and conscious design.

Year: 2017 
Client: Comune di Selargius 
Dimension: school 1.196 mq, 
           school area 3.183 mq, 
           botanical garden 3.467 mq
Budget: € 1.513.000
Architectural Design: arch. Daniele Desii-Fagnoni&Associati architetti 
Collaborators: arch. Antonio Viceconti, arch. Micaela Giordano, 
               ing. Silvia Brigida, Silvia Balloni
Graphic design: arch. Chiara Olivastri
Services provided: preliminary project

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