Castelfalfi, Florence 2014 – 2017

The intervention in the “UMI 1 Wellness Hotel and SPA & Wellness Center” of the “PUA Toscana Resort Castelfalfi” was characterized as an important new qualifying element in the reorganization of the inhabited center. The outdoor and green works design has taken into account the issues related to the integration with the altimetric structure of the intervention area and the volumes of the new architectural structure. It has been attempted to keep the largest number of existing trees, limiting the cutting down needed for the new volume. The planting of new shrub and trees has taken into account oppsite needs: on one side demand for privacy for exterior spaces, as the pool, was opposed to the opening towards the surrounding landscape; and yet, the need to create green roofing on the new flat roofs was not linked to the well-structured and readable agricultural mosaic in the adjacent areas. The result is a perfect blend of grassy and non grassy surfaces, colored shrubs and fragrant flowered green spots, olive trees alternating with scrubs full of holm oaks, roverelle and cypresses. Natural edges are contoured with low shrubs of various colors also near the private outdoor areas serving the ground floor suites.

Year: 2014 – 2017 
Client: Tenuta di Castelfalfi spa
Cathegory: Ib
Dimension: 15.000 mq
Budget: €700.000
Architectural Design: arch. Daniele Desii-Fagnoni&Associati architeti 
Structures and Service: GPA Ingegneria S.r.l.
Collaborators: arch. Antonio Viceconti, arch. Micaela Giordano, 
               ing. Silvia Brigida
General Contractor: Inso S.p.A.
Services provided: preliminary design, final design, detailed design

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