Castelfalfi, Florence 2014 – 2017

Within the Castelfalfi Estate, Fagnoni & Associates has intervened alongside a number of professionals in the design of exterior areas of newly built villas or restored country houses, particularly in landscaping field. In each intervention, the design preserved and maintained the existing trees, then integrated with some “structuring” trees (holm-oaks, cypresses, oaks) along with chromatic spots of the fruit trees,and shrubs to separate and decorate the various open spaces by following a naturalistic composition. The choice of outdoor flooring is differentiated for a varied solution that reflects the functionality: gravel for pedestrian paths, cemented gravel for vehicles path, and stone for outdoor living areas. Predominates, however, the choice of light colors, ranging from honey to slight gray.

country house:

_i bianchi

_la valle

_bovalico (colonica e annesso)

_falecine (annesso)



new villas:

_i bianchi II

_villa A la querce

_villa B la querce


Year: 2015 – in corso
Client: Tenuta di Castelfalfi spa
Cathegory: Ic
Landscape design: arch. Daniele Desii - Fagnoni&Associati architeti 
Collaborators: arch. Antonio Viceconti, ing. Silvia Brigida, 
               arch. Luciana Fattibene, arch. Micaela Giordano
Services provided: landscape project

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