Project Competition, Torino , 2017

The renovation of Pascoli school responds to the co-design process, commissioned by the client: an innovative, open, engaging, vital, flexible, interactive, technology-efficient, and empowering school. School becomes the pivot of social life, offering pleasant places for study, deepening, physical activity, meeting, leisure; the entire ground floor becomes a large open space for the neighborhood and the city: a gym / multipurpose room, a library, a relaxation area, a dining area, a bar. The new library with a relaxation area and bar is the school’s “livingroom”, a living space where books coexist with newspapers, comics, music; the corridors become the place for relationships, sociality and relaxation, equipped with soft seating and ergonomic wooden benches, enriched with indoor plants to create a winter garden: a natural, pleasant and relaxing space. Along with the restyling of the security staircase, a new addition, hosting the science lab and the well-being area, overlooking a large terrace for gardening, becomes the manifesto of redevelopment and gives visibility to the renovation of the school , without distorting the architectural features of the building.



Year: 2017 
Client: Fondazione per la Scuola e la Compagnia di San Paolo
Cathegory: E.09 – I/d  
Budget: € 1.427.363,00
Dimension: superficie 2.231 mq
Architects: Fagnoni&Associati architetti 
            con arch. Jacopo Favara e arch. Micaela Giordano
Collaborators: arch. Antonio Viceconti, ing. Silvia Brigida
Services provided: preliminary project to competition

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