New marina, Genova 2010 -2012

The studies conducted in 2010 aimed at an important recovery of the Genoese coast, in the area in front of Pegli. The work has been articulated over time and even today can not be considered concluded. On the one hand, the difficulties generated by a system of rules that often did not produce solutions, on the other hand a series of administrative events, have hitherto prevented Bagno Castelluccio S.r.l. to complete this project. The project has come to the restructuring of the Rocca del Castelluccio (bound by National Superintendency Trust) with the creation of accommodation and tourism facilities through the redevelopment of the tourist harbor. The main objective was to create a structure that could offer new services to the community with seaside accommodation and support for recreational boating. The project proposal is based on some characteristic elements: enhancement and recovery of the Rocca del Castelluccio through the creation of new pedestrian routes that make easier the visit and access to historical heritage; remodeling of the bathing support area with the creation of services (restaurant, bar, swimming pool, solar deck, changing rooms), adapting and improving access to all users, including people with disabilities; reorganization of the body of water in front of the property of Bagni Castelluccio S.r.l. with the creation of a new tourist harbor able to allocate berths for disabled people; energy renovation of the marina with the construction of photovoltaic plants for the production of electricity; use of materials suited to environmental compatibility; design of the areas adjacent to the Fortino context in which integrated landscape ideas allow the natural context to prevail over the artificial one; use of eco-sustainable materials coming from production cycles based on the reuse of primary components with a high level of recyclability and waste disposal. To protect the image of the Rocca di Castelluccio is proposed a project of a new road system that allows the landscape to be integrated with the new buildings. The guidelines consists in reporting, in some portions of the area, the path towards the base of the Fortino, in order to recreate a landscape value while not excluding the intervention for the new road system.

Year: 2010 - ongoing
Client: Bagni Castelluccio S.r.l. 
Cathegory: Ic
Dimension: intervention area: 7.800 mq
Budget: € 2.400.000,00 (presunto)
Architectural Design: arch. Pier Matteo Fagnoni
Project team: arch. Guido L. Spadolini, Fagnoni&Associati architetti, 
              In. Opera S.r.l.
Collaborators: arch. Simone Salocchi, arch. Fabio Valelà
Services provided: preliminary design

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