project: 3rd prize, Milan 2010

The International Design Competition for the new CityLife Park has incorporated the tender guidelines that aimed to create a public space of about sixteen hectares as complement the building works being built in the spaces once occupied by the settlements of the Milan Fair. The project provides a reduced network of footpaths to create large paved areas with trees, freely usable and in continuity with the green areas, allowing to organize and distribute the various functional areas, kiosks, pavilions without a rigid scheme but free to search for the ideal location.





Year: 2010
Dimension: intervention area 168,000 mq
Client: Municipality Milan
Project team: arch. Daniele Desii, Fagnoni&Associati architetti, 
                    Atelier Girot_Zurigo, arch. Guido L. Spadolini, 
                    Giugiaro architettura, MRM architetti associati
Collaborators: arch. Cinzia Angeli, arch. Simone Salocchi, 
               arch. Emilio Guarnacci, arch. Alessandra Cipriani
Services provided: preliminary design – 3rd prize

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