Joint-contract, Figline-Valdarno, Florence 2012

The construction of an infrastructure of considerable extension, as the one in question, requires a careful assessment of the impacts on the environment affected by the construction and therefore requires a design framework that can satisfy both the economic aspects or the objectives formulated during the planning and management of traffic, as well as the conditions necessary to guarantee the environmental and landscape protection of areas close to the infrastructure. The fundamental objective of the present work is the qualitative characterization of the landscape concerned with reference to the historical-cultural and the morphological aspects of the territory, strictly connected to visual perception, in the attempt to define the interferences and the alterations of the environmental quality due to the insertion of the infrastructure.



Year: 2012
Client: Polistrade (General Contractor)
Cathegory: Ic
Dimension: n.q.
Budget: n.q.
Architectural and landscape design: arch. Daniele Desii
Project Team : GPA ingegneria srl (Team Leader), 
               Fagnoni & associati architetti, 
               geologist dott. Andrea Focardi
Collaborators: for fagnoni & associati arch. Cinzia Angeli, 
               arch. Simone Salocchi, arch. Antonio Viceconti
Services provided: landscape and architectural design


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