competition, Calenzano, Florence 2012

 “Imagining a new settlement is first of all rethinking a new model of life for the future; it is not just a project that offers forms but a system that suggests virtuous and conscious behaviors.”

The area of Dietro Poggio is like the center of a pinwheel, the point around which are distributed the lines of energy carried by the wind that, transmitted to the blades, are concentrated to give life to a circular movement, swirling, repeated to infinity . The proposal includes integrated technological systems that involve and invite all inhabitants to pursue a virtuous balance in everyday life actions, as a model of normality, through individual behavior in compliance with the most general rules of sustainability. The center of the system is the technological plant in which heat is produced for district heating, distributed to the various building cores which can have integrative solar systems. Through cogeneration it will be possible to produce the energy to meet the needs of the public and private areas, increasing the production of the individual solar and wind power plants of which each building complex is equipped.

Year: 2012 
Client: Comune di Calenzano 
Dimension: sup.: 347.100 mq 
Budget: n.q.  
Project Team Leader: arch. Daniele Desii (capogruppo) 
Project Team: Fagnoni & Associati architetti, arch. Guido L. Spadolini, 
              arch. Emilio G. Guarnacci, arch. Simone Salocchi, 
              arch. Andrea Ilari, arch. Cinzia Angeli, 
              arch. Antonio Viceconti, arch. Cristiana Rossi, 
              arch. Chiara Ruggieri

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