Bosa_Marina, Oristano 2009 – 2010

On the west coast of Sardinia, a few tens of meters from the sea, Bosa Colores is a real estate development initiative for tourism and accommodation in Campu ‘e Mare, which involves the construction of facilities on a human scale in the respect of the environment and local characteristics.

The intervention area is located between a light colored beach, a residential-tourist district and a sport area planned in the development project. With a path of a few minutes one can reach the exclusive beach, equipped with bathing services. The particular position of the area a few meters from the sea allows to have striking glimps and views towards the western horizon; in the same way, the upstream front offers a pleasant, relaxing and natural image.

The project includes a tourist village that develops around the flood control canal, a center of attraction and various activities and services provided to its customers. The articulation of the volumetry and the planimetric organization of the proposal allows to identify areas for relaxation and refreshment, and the possibility to carry out sports and leisure activities in a functional environment in harmony with nature. The design solution allows to place in the 80 accommodation units with the relative services and facilities, proposing a large area of collective activities, which, together with the promenade along the canal, are the central nucleus of the tourist village.

Client: Condotte Immobiliare S.p.A. 
Cathegory: Ic
Dimension:  10.500 sqm - outdoor surface: 2.330 sqm
Budget: € 23.100.000,00 (presumed)
Architectural project: arch. Daniele Desii
Project team: arch. Guido L. Spadolini, Fagnoni&Associati architetti, 
              In. Opera S.r.l.
Collaborators: arch. Cinzia Angeli
Services provided: preliminary design

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