Dubai, 1°phase competition 2018

The theme chosen to represent Austria at the Dubai 2020 Expo, within the leitmotif of the event, that will be “Connecting Minds”, turns the gaze to music, to the immense patrimony of the Austian composers, up to giving the possibility to visitors, thanks to modern technology, to create their own composition.

The inspiration for the concept of the façade stems from a score of musical notes that, long and short, come together and overlap, become circles of various sizes leaning over each other like the trunks in a pile of wood, rhythmizing the façade empty and full, lights and shadows that vibrate on a second wooden skin that recalls the stems of a forest.

In the footsteps of its legendary composers, an arrangement of harmony between nature and technological innovation, a sensory journey that brings sounds and music in the darkness of the Austrian caverns and that allows to create one own sound composition. Mixing natural materials and organic forms with the most advanced technology, the pavilion will become a modern “outdoor” opera house, where visitors can create and experiment an innovative multi-sensory symphony through holograms, olfactory impulses, water projections and sound effects.

Year: 2018 
Client: EXPO-Büro der Wirtschaftskammer Österreich
Dimension: 2400 mq
Team project: Fagnoni&Associati architetti e Ivana Miletic
                         MCH Global, Dubai: Dietmar Kautschitz
                         Ties Hendriks e Cecilia Martinez
Services provided: design concept

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