Castelfalfi, Florence 2014 – 2015

The housing commplex swimming pool is located in the residential village La Collina, foreseen in the PUA Toscana Resort Castelfalfi. The composition has provided for various plans of different sizes placed at different levels, to mitigate the visual impact from above in respect of the surrounding context. The largest of these is that of the tub top which is placed altimetrically in a median position; around this, with sloping ramps and stairs, one can reach the resting and relaxation areas characterized by the presence of grass and olive trees. Two prefabricated blocks were built consisting of a room for the infirmary and a lifeguard service with a bathroom accessible to disabled, and on the opposite side of a storage room where the equipment of the swimming pool system can be placed. The square in front is dominated by a wooden pergola with climbing vegetation. The choice of materials used for flooring,such as tuff, regenerated wood and local stone, respects the shades and the naturalness of the context; moreover all the identified areas have an organic shape and follow a curvilinear instead of a rectilinear pattern. The project provides complete integration with the surrounding landscape, composed of soft slopes covered with various types of shrub vegetatape.ion, of different intensities and by arboreal patches that mark vertically the landscape.



Year: 2015– 2016 
Client: Tenuta di Castelfalfi spa
Cathegory: Ic
Dimension: 2.800 mq
Architectural design: arch. Pier Matteo Fagnoni, arch. Daniele Desii,
                                      Fagnoni&Associati architetti 
Structures and Service: ing. Enrico Sodi – Studio Sodi & Associati
Collaborators: arch. Antonio Viceconti
General Contractor: Costruire Srl
Services provided: design and works supervision

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