Castelfalfi, Florence 2014 -2015

The area identified for the construction of the two tennis courts is located near the Clubhouse of the Golf Course within Castelfalfi Estate and was almost completely surrounded by tree vegetation. The placement of the two tennis fields took into account the natural limits of the site, trying to interfere as little as possible with the context. The design solution has established to position the two fields along the west-east axis, trying to remain far enough from the shadow zone created by the existing row of cypresses; the two fields have been positioned at two different altimetric levels so as to follow the modeling of the terrain as much as possible. On the west, east and south sides, containment elements have been created to ensure the level of the playing field floor through a reinforced slope system, the result of which is a solution well suited to the context. On the north side, to sustain the thrusts of the ground above, a curvilinear masonry was built which follows the modeling of the ground and has a variable height (from 30 cm to 1.90 m).




Year: 2015 – 2016 
Client: Tenuta di Castelfalfi spa
Dimension: 2.500 mq
Architectural design: arch. Daniele Desii - Fagnoni&Associati architeti 
Structures and Service: ing. Serena Bucelli
Collaborators: arch. Antonio Viceconti
General Contractor: Costruire srl
Services provided: detailed project, works supervision


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