Projects activityies, scientific research and teaching activity made by Fagnoni&associati is largely addressed to public structures, social, community and welfare services, with particular attention to the relationship between man and environment, for the definition of a balanced system of basic design requirements, for a higher qualification of the building product.




Nowadays, Fagnoni & Associati develops multidisciplinary activities in the areas of design, work direction and management and often works in synergy with other professional architects or companies able to integrate their singolar and specific competence. In the last years formative and professional experiences have focused the activity to environmental and landscape design, and management.












Association founded in March 2002, Fagnoni&associati was born from the design school created by Raffaello Fagnoni (1901-1966). Until 2002, Daniele Desii, Raffaella and Pier Matteo Fagnoni, matured their professional experience around the figure of Pier Guido Fagnoni (1936 – 2004), professor of Building Hygiene, since 1980 associate professor in Social Architecture, independent contractor, both in the public and private field. After the death of Pier Guido, “Fagnoni & Associati” continues its activities, further expanding jobs also to Landscape Design, Interior Design and Management. In 2009 Raffaella Fagnoni left the association, spending full time on scientific activity as Associate Professor of Industrial Design at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Genoa. Today, thanks to the competences and the specializations of the associates, Fagnoni&associati works in all areas of architecture, Landscape Design, and Management.








Antonio Viceconti


Cinzia Angeli


Micaela Giordano


Silvia Brigida

Structural engineer

Claudia Zvietich

Resposable secretariat since 1983

Raffaella Fagnoni

associate professor at the University of Genoa







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